Put Basbas on all things...

Here are just some ideas of inspiration for using Basbas Sauces – Chilli & Lemon, Date & Tamarind or Coconut & Coriander.

  • as a 007 secret ingredient to spice up any meal
  • as a marinade for pretty much any meat or fish or vegetarian option
  • as a dressing for salads
  • as a new best friend of hummus
  • kebabs, kebabs, kebabs
  • tacos, fajitas, enchiladas
  • over scrambled eggs or smashed avocado on toast
  • to spice up your guacamole
  • as a dip for chips
  • on a hot dog or burger
  • more…

There are no rules! Enjoy and let me know your fabulous discoveries when using these sauces.