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Basbas is Somali for chilli or spicy sauce.

Basbas sauces were born out of my desire to share my heritage and memories of an idyllic childhood in Somalia.  They are lovingly made by hand, in small batches and using the finest fresh ingredients, to create the tastiest chilli sauces on earth! These beauties are packed with flavour, heat and spice and are totally versatile – they go with almost anything.

Each jar of my Basbas sauces is made from 100% fresh, nasties-free ingredients. They’re gluten free, vegan friendly and non-GMO.  All topped off with a dash of love and a sprinkle of optimism...bringing the beautiful taste of Somalia straight into your kitchen. 

Love is the most precious ingredient in my pantry, and I hope my Basbas sauces will become a favourite in yours.

Enjoy, Amal x