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Roasted aubergine with boiled egg, tahini and herbed salad

This moreish roasted aubergine with salad on pita is inspired by my love of Sabich, a popular Israeli-Iraqi street food, that in my opinion is one of the tastiest sandwiches to emerge from the Middle East. Basbas Chilli & Lemon provides the delicious spiciness that completed this glorious combination.

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Smashed fava bean stew with Chilli & Lemon Basbas

You'll find ful medames all over the Middle East and East Africa, from Ethiopia, where it's served spicy for breakfast with boiled eggs, to Yemen, where it's soupy in consistency. This version is loaded with flavour and turns ful into an exciting centrepiece. 

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Spiced chicken and rice one pot

The aromas and flavours that emanate from this at every stage are intoxicating, and don’t diminish after a night in the fridge. I would recommend that you use Sella Basmati Rice such as Anjoman. This rice is very forgiving and, the grains don’t break easily or stick together; each grain separates easily and increases in length, giving the dish an attractive appearance. Also, don’t forget to adjust seasoning before and after adding the rice! Enjoy.

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