Basbas Sauces are featured in Olive Magazine!

Inspired by her grandmother, the former MasterChef contestant founded her own company

Growing up in Somalia, Amal Hassan learned to cook from her grandmother at a young age. Basbas – chilli sauces – were a staple. “We made basbas sauces daily, using whatever herbs, tomatoes, garlic and chillies we had. Somalis serve basbas with everything.” When Amal was 15, her family sought refuge from the civil war and moved to the UK, where she started cooking to remind her of home. In 2018, she started making basbas sauces in small batches, selling them to friends and neighbours. She then appeared on MasterChef, reaching the 2019 semi-finals and, on the show, made a dish featuring one of her sauces. The feedback was so good, Amal decided to launch Amal’s Pantry, selling basbas sauces in a range of flavours, including chilli & lemon and coconut & coriander. “We serve them with roasted meats, use them as a marinade and stir them into soups, stews and sauces for a burst of flavour. They’re also perfect with rice and pasta dishes.” October

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